Web Freer 1.1 Offline Installer Download Free (UPDATED)

Web Freer

Web Freer is a web browser that makes you easy to visit any web site fast, securely, and privately. If you are on an open network with little or no protection of secrecy or security, Web Freer is the browser you must need. Save the trouble of configuring your computer to a remote secure server or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel, directly or easily download Web Freer browser, type in any website in the address bar, and you will get there with high security through its HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) connection.

Web freer دانلود

Web freer free download new version also is a translation device. It uses a document written in the HTML language and translates it into a formatted Web page. The result of this translation is small like giving two human translators a sentence written in Russian language and asking them to translate it into English. Both will get the meaning across, but may not use the same words to do so. Web freer دانلود supports of Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript, etc. Web Freer is entirely created to stream online all your online activities with maximum websites. Download Web Freer 2016 browser provides malware detection and phishing alert, which make your web surfing safer.

Web freer دانلود

Feature Of Download Web Freer 2016

  • Privacy – Web Freer browser made you free of being tracked or watched, it limits the session insertion, and the period it can stay on your computer
  • Compatibility – Web Freer supports of Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript, etc. Web Freer is well designed to stream online all your online activities with most websites.
  • Anti-Virus – Web Freer browser provides virus detection and phishing alert, which makes your web surfing safer
  • Auto Update – It automatically check the updates and also automatically install it
  • Simplicity – Web Freer is based on Chromium, it receives its simple and clean design, which means fast browsing and better experience

Web freer دانلود

How To Install?

  • Download it from given Download Button
  • After Download open setup
  • Install it
  • Enjoy

Download From Here:-

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